World Legends Series - Children's Stories from Norse Legends


Take a step back in history, through the mists of time and beyond, and follow the adventures of the Norse gods and godesses, and the heroes and heroines who inhabited their world.  Odin, Thor, Loki, their fellow deities, and their enemies, are brought to life in these fascinating stories of wisdom, trickery and peril.  And let us not forget the heroes and heroines - mighty Sigurd, grandson of Volsung; gifted Wayland the Smith; Brynhild, the fierce and beauiful Valkyrie maiden - who fill these pages with adventure and bravery, honour and passion (and the occasional Viking raid!)


Exciting and inspiring, these stories have been beauifully retold to engage and delight a new generation of children, and are accompanied by exquisite illustrations.  

Norse Legends

  • Product Details

    ISBN: 9781839230806

    Dimensions: 217 x 155mm

    Written by: J Emmerson-Hicks

    Original Illustrations by: Harry G. Theaker

    Reconstructed Artwork by: QBS Learning, New Delhi