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Jar of Incense & Holder - Orange Blossom


SMART DESIGN: Our luxury incense sticks come in a stylish, reusable glass container, making them both functional and decorative. The clear glass jar has a sturdy wooden lid with a bespoke hole so it can also be used a holder for your incense stick.

LONG-LASTING: Each jar is filled with a generous supply of 50 incense sticks, so you won't run out quickly. Our incense sticks are perfect for using at home to create a calming environment. Our incense sticks will burn for an average of 35 minutes each time.

BEAUTIFUL SCENTS: Our premium incense sticks come in a selection of beautiful scents so you can choose the perfect scent for your mood. Once lit our incense sticks will provide a soothing and aromatic perfume for your space.

GREAT GIFT: Our beautiful glass jar incense sticks make a fantastic present for friends and family. They are both functional and attractive. The glass jar can easily be re-used once the incense sticks have been used.

Jar of Incense & Holder - Orange Blossom

SKU: RFS14902
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