World Legends Series - Children's Stories from Indian Legends


Delve into the mystical, magical world of ancient India, and meet some of the colourful gods and goddesses whose stories have shaped a country.  Get to know brave warriors and inspiring heroines - valorous Rama and his quest to defeat the dreaded Demon King Ravana; tragic rivals Arjuna and Karna; steadfast, fearless Savitri, prepared to challenge the God of Death himself; loyal Sita, willing to follow her husband into exile; and many more.


Gods and goddesses, war and romance, loyalty and honour, not to mention a generous sprinkling of speaking animals and mythical creatures - this book has it all! Bursting with colour and life, this exquisitely illustrated book opens the dorrs to a spellbinding world.

Indian Legends

  • Product Details

    ISBN: 9781839230783

    Dimensions: 217 x 155mm

    Written by: M Dorothy Belgrave and Hilda Hart

    Additional Text by: J Emmerson-Hicks

    Original Illustrations by: Harry G. Theaker

    Reconstructed Artwork by: QBS Learning, New Delhi